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februari 27, 2019

Jaarverslag European Data Protection Board

Goed leesvoer; wat is er in 2018 allemaal gedaan bij de European Data Protection Board.

2018 demonstrated the power and the limitations of data protection. Two years after its adoption, on 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became fully applicable. People noticed because they were bombarded with identikit emails, each informing them of an updated privacy policy and, in most cases, requesting that they accept it to continue using the service. So far, rather than adapting their way of working to better protect the interests of those who use their services, companies seem to be treating the GDPR more as a legal puzzle, in order to preserve their own way of doing things. We should expect this to change over the coming year, however. The biggest threat to individual freedom and dignity stems from the excessive informational power of certain companies, or controllers, and the wider, incompressible ecosystem of trackers, profilers and targeters that are able to gather and use this information. Just three months before the GDPR became fully enforceable, the abuse of personal data became headline news and the subject of official enquiries, not only in the European Parliament, but also in national capitals, from Washington DC to London to Delhi. Public policymakers are now very much alive to the threat the current situation poses, not just to the freedom of consumers in the eCommerce environment, but also to democracy itself. The whole system is susceptible, not only to breaches, but also to manipulation by actors with political agendas aiming to undermine trust and societal cohesion. The litmus test of how robust the EU’s legal regime really is will be the integrity of the European Parliament Elections in 2019.

Heb je vragen, stel ze gerust aan één van onze privacy specialisten.


Hans Leemans
DPO / Privacy specialist
+31-625-328 999

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