Informationsecurity and Privacymanagement

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Information security

Technical measures can be defined as the measures and controls afforded to systems and any technological aspect of an organisation, such as devices, networks and hardware. Protecting such aspects is crucial for the security of personal data and is the best line of defence against data breaches.

Organisational measures may consist of internal policies, organisational methods or standards, and controls and audits, that controllers and processors can apply to ensure the security of personal data.

We help your organization implement technical and organizational measurements, either in ISO27001, NEN7510 or BIO (Baseline informatiebeveiliging Overheid). 

Privacy management

Gartner tells us that Privacy management tools help organizations conduct privacy impact assessments, check processing activities against requirements from privacy regulations, and track incidents that lead to unauthorized disclosures of personal data (investigation, remediation, reporting).

As we see privacy management as an integral part of information security we can help organizations in their effort to design their security and privacy policies & controls into one complete Information Security Management System. Either you choose for Atlassian, ServiceNow, OneTrust or you can choose our Privacy Control Center as your GRC toolbox, we can help you with that.